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Measuring Length in Maths

In case you have seen our colourful paper chains hanging from the ceiling and thought they were just decorative, allow your child to explain otherwise. First, the children each carefully constructed a paper chain, repeating a colour pattern of their own design. Next, each table team ordered their four different length chains using direct comparison and check-counting the links. They learned that when measuring they could not say their chain was “20 long”, but “20 links long”. When measuring, the unit must be stated.
Each table team then joined their chain to form the four enormous chains that we had to move to the corridor in order to compare.
The teamwork lessons were also valuable, as the shortest individual section became part of the longest team chain!


Term 1 Racing by!

It’s hard to believe that we have just completed week 7 of our 9 week term! Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun and learning alongside great classmates. Our swimming program is in full swing and the children have adapted to our Thursady/Friday routine well. Only one week of swimming to go!

In the classroom we have been working in co-operative learning teams to explore and reinforce new concepts in Litercay, Science and Maths. In our table teams, we are encouraged to participate, mentor and problem solve together in structured activities where everybody has a role and is responsible for learning. Ask your child to explain the following activities to you…


And finally, a very warm welcome to the newest member of our 1B family, baby Luccia! Congratulations Ava, Marnie and Andrew on your precious little girl. We look forward to her visits to our classroom (extra cuddles!) and watching her grow over the coming months. How wonderful!


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Swimming again tomorrow

Dear parents

Thank you for being so well organised for photos and swimming today and thanks again to our parent helpers. Remember swimming is on again tomorrow but at the earlier lesson time 1 PM with the bus departing school at 12:30PM.  As we won’t return to school until after 2PM, a packed lunch to be eaten mostly prior to swimming will be more suitable than a Friday lunch order.

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Art and craft

And we had just enough energy left on Friday afternoon to create these charming stick and paper collages of the Mount Martha beach boxes. Drop by for a closer look.



Our South Beach Excursion

What a fabulous day we had with our walk down to South Beach. The weather was perfect, the waters were calm and we did eventually find one crab hiding in the rock pools!  We also greatly enjoyed building sandcastles together.  The uphill walk home was a little challenging so we are all looking forward to an early bed time and a big sleep tonight.   Thank you again to our wonderful parent helpers who make these events possible.


South Beach Excursion this Friday

Welcome to 1B and our class blog.

We are all looking forward to our South Beach Waking Excursion this Friday.  We will be departing school at 9.15 AM and will return in time for lunch around 12.30 PM.

Please ensure your child brings:

  • a hat
  • sunscreen already applied
  • comfortable walking shoes (These will remain on their feet at the beach but may be removed to empty all the sand for the walk home.)
  • a lightweight backpack containing their water bottle and snack – which will also have a clipboard added at school. (If you do not have such an item, your child’s school bag will be fine.)
  • a lightweight raincoat if the forecast still suggests a small chance of showers.

We look forward to sharing stories of our adventures upon our return.


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