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Term 3 and Philosophy!

Welcome to Term 3!

We hope that the children enjoyed the break and have recharged their batteries to take on another full term of learning!

This term, we will be replacing our weekly show and tell session with a new concept called ‘Little Students Big Thinkers’. Effectively, the children will be exploring how to pose and discuss philosophical questions with an aim to deepen their understanding and reasoning skills. We are very excited to introduce this into our curriculum and believe that this will prove more worthwhile than previous show and tell sessions.

Looking forward to another great semester,

Kris and Janine

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Our Term Two Favourite Activities

These are some of our favourite 1B learning activities this term:

writing, ICT, working in cooperative learning teams, PE, Art, playing with our friends, Music, playing on the playground, library, Japanese, doing things with our Year Three buddies, Maths, Science, Year One sport, the disco, Gold-for-green-day, the cross-country race, our Heronswood excursion, playing in the classroom on a rainy day, reading, learning spelling and grammar, lunch-time activity rooms, the student-lead-conferences, measuring with paper chains, detective day, spelling tests, inquiry learning, show and tell, learning how to do flow charts, Mathletics, Lexia, pizza fractions, our tooth graph and Year One assemblies.

No wonder we are ready for a holiday break!

(But just in case we get bored, we will be bringing home some holiday reading and writing.)

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The tooth fairy will be busy!

Our tooth graph needed a few adjustments today when 1B lost TWO wobbly teeth in the space of five minutes!


Student Led Conferences

Thank you so much to all of our hard working students who proudly shared and explained their learning today, and to their parents who had rearranged their days and evenings in order to attend.  The Year One curriculum is huge and every student in our class is working diligently.  It was heart-warming to see young, nervous faces begin to relax and then beam with pride as they described the learning that was behind a chosen piece of work.  It was also satisfying, and sometimes entertaining, to hear the stories back from parents of children home-schooling their families on the ins and outs of our VCOP writing structure or how Mum “Should just approach maths with more You-Can-Do-It confidence!”

Janine and I left school this evening as very happy teachers.  Thank you again.



Last day to ‘Read More in May’

Here is a reminder from Ziggy to complete your ‘Read More in May’ calendar and return it to school tomorrow. We would love to work out how many days of reading our whole class has completed.


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Gold for Green Day

We hope you enjoy the house and garden addition that the children are bringing home today. Please ask us about this locally seeded plant and the butterfly that loves it. Thanks again to Marnie for her help with the potting and to Mrs Spiridis for organising this big day.


Gold For Green Day Shout Out!


With Gold For Green Day fast approaching (next Tuesday 22nd May) we are asking each child to bring a used tin can to school  (label removed) before the end of this week. If possible, the can should be larger than a standard soup can -around 400gm.

Thank you for your help!


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Year One Cross-Country Race

Congratulations to Harry for being the overall Year One winner of this event and congratulations to Xavier and Bella for both completing the race despite fallling and grazing their knees – great resilience!  We all had fun participating in the fine weather with so many parents present to cheer us along. Despite being worn out at the end (except for Jackson who did an additional 200 metre sprint after the finish) we were still able to produce big smiles while posing with our certificates for a class photo. Well done 1B!



Heronswood Excursion and Cross-Country Race

What a great day we had at Heronswood Gardens today!

The children listed the following as their highlights:

– entering through the children’s tunnel

– seeing ducks and chickens up close

– discovering all the different fruit and vegetable plants

– seeing the big prickly cactus plants

– having a go on the tyre swing

– running up and down the big, grassy hill in the meadow

– sitting and playing under the enormous trees

– and, for one of us at least, the bus ride!

Thank you again to our many parent helpers who made the day possible.

… and we have another big day tomorrow with the annual cross-country race. If they wish, children may participate wearing something in their house colour – but uniforms are also okay. Year One are participating at 2.45 PM. You are welcome to come along to cheer us on.


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Our class has well and truly settled back after the first term holiday break.  Term Two is three weeks longer than Term One this year, which will allow us to get through the many busy and varied learning activities we have planned.


The children have established good habits with our sustained reading time in the mornings and most are remembering to bring their book satchels every day to support home reading practice.  A few minutes of reading every evening (or morning, if you are very early risers) is more supportive of skill development than reading for half an hour once per week.  Our ‘Big Write’ sessions continue to be an important component of our school-wide writing curriculum, with students using opportunities to first talk about and plan what they intend to write.


Over the coming weeks, as happened during Term One, each Year One teacher will spend one or two mornings conducting one-on-one numeracy assessments with their students.  Each class will be taught by one of our regular relief teachers to facilitate this.  The results of these assessments allow us to more precisely target the individual learning needs of your child in mathematics.

Whole School Cross-Country Event

Next Thursday all students will participate in a cross-country race, extending outside the school grounds, within their age group.  The Year One students are scheduled to commence running/walking/jogging at 2.45 PM.  You are welcome to come along to provide encouragement.

Mother’s Day Stall

Run by our PTA on Wednesday 9th May, the stall provides the students with an opportunity to select an appealing but inexpensive gift to present to Mum on Mother’s Day.  Only a very small amount of money is needed as gifts are usually priced from 50c or $1, through to about $4.

Inquiry Learning and our Heronswood Excursion

All year levels follow a ‘Sustainability’ theme during Term Two.  In Year One this is examined through the exploration of the plant and animal life in our school grounds as part of our Science curriculum, and extended with an excursion to the expansive gardens at Heronswood in Dromana.  1B and 1C attend next Wednesday 2 May, and 1A, 1D and 1E on Thursday 3rd May.  Buses depart shortly after 9AM and return around 12.45PM, allowing time to be ready for the Cross-Country event at 2.45PM.  If our office currently holds a Working With Children Check in your name and you would like to assist your child’s teacher as a volunteer on this excursion, please speak to them as soon as possible.  Another whole-school event under this theme is our ‘Gold for Green’ day on Tuesday 22nd May.  The organising team for this day of planting and gardening has set Year One students and teachers the task of creating mini succulent gardens.  We would be grateful for any suitable succulent cuttings and cleaned wide-but-shallow cans (salmon, tuna and beetroot commonly come in this size) that may be used for our planting.

Please do not hesitate to speak to any of us should you have questions about our learning programs or any other matter.  We look forward to keeping ourselves busy with learning as we head into the cooler weather.

On behalf of the Year One Teachers


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