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A wonderful excursion for our young palaeontologists

How lucky were we with the weather? Not a drop of rain to spoil our fun!

Thank you, everyone, for preparing your children so well for our Dinosaur World excursion. The children had a wonderful time and behaved beautifully throughout the bus ride, fossil dig, forest walk, train ride and feeding the (non-prehistoric) geese.

Thank you again to our Cindy and Cath and to the parent helpers from the other Year One classes. As we moved from activity to activity with our teacher or parent supervisor, some 1B students will not appear in the photos I have taken here. You may like to look on the other Year One class blogs for any additional excursion photos that may include your own child.

Arriving and dusting off our unearthed fossils.

Creatures in the forest.

The train ride and other fun.

And a farewell to Wilson the dinosaur.

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Dinosaur World Excursion – Important Information!

Dear Year 1 parents,
This Wednesday is our excursion to Dinosaur World. Here’s some reminders.

Thank you to the parents who have offered to accompany us on the bus to Dinosaur World. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you! Unfortunately, Dinosaur World will be closed to the public on Wednesday so only parents who will be permitted to join us on the day are those who have been allocated to come with us on the bus. We do, however, look forward to telling you about our adventures when we return.

As there is rain and possibly thunderstorms forecast, please ensure that your child brings warm clothes and a raincoat. Please note that students will not be permitted to bring umbrellas. Also, due to the fact that the weather looks like it will get worse as the day goes on, we are hoping to depart school as early as possible in the morning. Therefore, all Year 1 classrooms will be open from 8:45am on Wednesday morning to allow students to prepare for the day. Please encourage your child to go to the toilet before the bell goes so that we can get away as quickly as possible.

Students will be eating snack at Dinosaur World, however, will be having lunch when we return to school later in the day. Therefore, students may like to pack their snack and water bottle in a separate smaller backpack to take on the excursion. Backpacks must be big enough to fit students’ A4 size clipboard into.

Thanks for you help with preparing students for the day.

Year 1 Teachers

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There’s Always Something New

Today we were invited to visit our Year Three buddies and view their wildlife projects. We loved learning about the animal they had investigated and asked them questions which they were delighted to answer to their best ability.

Today was also Australian Reading Hour day. We had done a total of 55 minutes of reading or listening to reading throughout the day in our classrooms. After returning from the Expo we did our final five  minutes of quiet reading in the fresh air and sunshine of the playground.


The children should all have plenty of holiday reading material in their satchels so they need not bring them in tomorrow, we will just use the books in our classroom.

Remember, assembly first thing in the morning and early dismissal at 2.30 PM tomorrow afternoon.

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Footy Day

What a colourful start to the day with everyone dressed to support their favourite team or sports code! The parade was especially enjoyable as the weather stayed fine despite the forecast so we all enjoyed a run.


Year 6 Market Day

The air was buzzing this morning as the children arrived in anticipation for their visit to the Year 6 Market.  This is a very special annual event for children across all year levels, but none more than the Year 6 students who spend months planning and preparing for this big event. For Year 1 students, this is an opportunity for independence within a safe environment where they can shop with friends, make choices and handle their own money. (Often for the very first time!) The market has become a ‘rite of passage’ for our Year 6 students and an event that is greatly anticipated by all children coming up through the school. These pictures sum up the energy and joy of today (but not the smell of 1,000 sausages cooking on the BBQ…thank you Mr Beirne!)


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Pen-Pal Visit to Osborne

Today the Year Ones made the short trip to Osborne Primary School to finally put faces to names after reciprocal letter writing throughout the year. It was fantastic to witness how quickly the children became friends after they were paired off with their pen-pals. Today was a wonderful opportunity to socialise with other children in our community; to compare and share their experiences in year one. Please take the time to ask your child questions about this worthwhile excursion and enjoy these photos of our time at Osborne.

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Thank You, Year Six Presenters

We were treated today with an informative presentation by Lola, Thaila, Lucas and Jackson on marine ecology and the importance of caring for it. We learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the well-planned lesson.

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Play dough for Science

There is actually a science lesson behind our playdough creations but, even if there wasn’t, we deserve some pure fun after producing the best writing Mrs Colson has seen in Year One yesterday.



What a wonderful day we had on Tuesday for our book/movie character dress up day! The Year One teachers dressed as aliens from the book ‘Aliens love underpants'(for those who are still wondering!?!)and we headed to the gym for our annual parade. Always a fun and colourful event, we were thoroughly entertained. Afterwards, 1B gathered in the glorious spring sunshine for our morning reading session. Thank you to everyone for embracing this special day with such marvellous costumes. Have you seen your child’s reflection in our corridor?


1B Theatre

The guided reading books for one of our groups this week was written as a play so we decided to present it to the whole class. Before the performance commenced we learned about theatre etiquette so that our performers were greeted with excellent listening manners. The play was lots of fun and our narrator and actors received enthusiastic applause.



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