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Thank you to parents

Dear parents

Tomorrow morning there will be a Morning Tea at 11 o’clock  in the staffroom to say “Thank you” for your invaluable assistance during 2017, whether by assisting with classroom activities, excursions, working bees or the Carnivalé.

Please excuse my absence if I am out on yard duty, but come along and catch up with other school parents anyway!  I hope to see some of you in the staffroom.


Kris (and on behalf of Janine)

P.S.  The movie was a hoot today Read the rest of this entry »

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Transitions to 2018

Last week 1B had the privilege of reading to Prep B students to assist the Preps through the transition to becoming Year 1 students. In turn, the Year 1s will be paying some visits to Year 2 classrooms over the coming days and weeks to help prepare them for their next step. Our students felt quite proud to play this part as mentors and did so with genuine care.

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Applying our learning

Some of you may have noticed the colourful creations on our bag locker shelf in the corridor. We have been learning about how the features of different dinosaurs give scientists and us clues about the animals’ diet, environment and position as prey or predator. As a fun technology follow up to studying the features that protect one dinosaur from attack by another, we worked in groups to design and build a ‘shield’ that could be used to provide a level of protection should we meet a dinosaur – in a fictional Jurassic Park scenario, obviously!

Each group then presented their shield to the class and explained the purpose of each design feature. The results were very imaginative! The feathers and reflective discs you may notice in these photos are not decorative. Ask your child the real purpose of these features – you are sure to enjoy the answers.


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A jammed packed Term 4

We are 6 weeks into the final term of 2017 and the children are working hard in all ares of the curriculum. We commenced the term with a fun dinosaur incursion to link into our Science and Inquiry units. The children are loving their exploration of all things prehistoric and are preparing to create wonderful dinosaur dioramas. Have you seen our dinosaur word board in the corridor?

Our visit to the Life Ed Van was a terrific hands on opportunity to learn about healthy eating and discuss sensible choices around sugar, medication and sun protection. Through short film clips, cartoons and giraffe puppet, Harold, the children had an educational and interactive experience in the caravan that they will fondly remember.

We look forward to the rest of the term as we head towards Christmas. As the weather heats up, please ensure that your child brings their hat and water bottle to school every day.




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Video of our concert performance

IMG_2288.MOV 1-267cpi2

IMG_2287.MOV 2-ujhx6f

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Tonight’s Concert

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation and assistance in having your children organised with their costumes and back at school refreshed and in time for tonight’s performance. They had rehearsed enthusiastically all day and should be proud of their performance, and also of their exemplary behaviour backstage as each class took turns in the spotlight.
Here is a pic of the morning dress rehearsal and of the view from the wings tonight.



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Year 6 Market Fun

The Year 6 students worked incredibly hard to bring a fantastic market to our school today. The gym and was alive with exciting food and activity stalls allowing everybody to participate with much enthusiasm. No doubt it took months in the planning and every student looks forward to their turn in Year 6 to host this annual event. The market gives younger students the chance to roam with their friends, handling their own money and making their own choices in a safe environment. This independence adds to the excitement of the day as evident in the following photos.


A reminder about our next big event – The Junior School Concert. Please remember to send your child’s t.shirt (red or white) to school next Monday in readiness for our dress rehearsal next Wednesday.
Thank you!

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Book Week Dress Up Day

Thank you for all of the effort you have put in to ensuring that your child was able to fully participate in today’s Book Week activity of our character parade. Our class followed up the parade with explaining to their classmates why they chose their character, and writing about their character. We also made an important contribution to fundraising for Indigenous literacy support programs.
The Year One troll teachers also had fun!

It was also pleasing to see that some of our bookworms enjoy reading so much that they continued the pursuit during the parade!


Help needed with Concert Costumes

We are looking for a volunteer (or two) with a sewing machine who would be able to attach the elastic ‘braces’ to our fire fighter costumes. The yellow trousers are already made and Leanne Rault has purchased the red elastic, so the pieces just need to be securely attached. Please drop in or contact Janine or Kris if you are able to help.
Also, if you are aware that your child will not be available on concert night, Wednesday 20 September, please let us know as soon as possible.
Thank you.

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Science challenge

The students of 1B certainly enjoy a challenge. In science today we were looking at how we can manipulate certain materials. First we estimated how many times we would be able to fold sheets of A3 and A4 paper. We recorded these estimates then attempted the folding; A3 as a team and A4 individually. The results were surprising to most, and took much effort. Ask your child about it, then have a go together at home.
Finally, we watched a brief clip on You Tube of the ‘Mythbusters’ team attempting to fold a sheet of paper eleven times. Once we examined the mathematics involved in our challenge, we realised why it had been so difficult.

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